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  • Tri level filtration using 20 micron for Pre Air filtration 5 micron for Secondary Air filtration.
  • 0.3 micron for Final Air filtration through HEPA.
  • Air Dehumidification on special demand.
  • Inlet / Outlet dampers have proportional control valve.
  • Proportional control temp controller.
  • Inlet / Exhaust Location: Several alternatives to suit customer requirements.
  • Wash in place.
  • Control By PLC monitor with printer as optional.
  • Specially designed explosion flaps.
  • 2 Pneumatic Cylinders 1 for the Bag Up and Down movement and the other for Impact Bag Shaking.
  • Specially designed Broken Bag Detector.
  • Double skinned SS 304 AHU with a built in Face and By Pass damper for ± 1° Temperature control.
  • Specially designed anti static anti sparking blower.
  • High static high efficiency blower installed.
  • Ergonomically mounted observation windows provided for viewing drying operation.


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Product Description

A plough shear mixer that can perform a lot of mixing operations.



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