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Rotary Labeling Machine.

The Machine can be used for diff. size of Containers with the help of change parts. The speed can go up to 100-400 containers/min. (Depending upon Container & Label size) with 4 to 24 head machine. The machine can be supplied with 2 – 4 dispensers depending upon requirement.

Also, manual Single Spindle & semi-automatic Four Spindle machines are available for low volume production .

Specially Designed Notch Orientation System is used for Labelling on Cylindrical and Conical Bottles with Positioning of Labels at Specified Area.

Product Description

Automatic Rotary Labeling machine is suitable for Wrap around Labelling on Round Bottles and also 2/3 side Labeling on various Shape of Bottles e.g. Rectangle, Oval etc. Which is not possible with linear Labeling machine.




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